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Shiatsu is an acupressure technique which was developed in Japan around 1920 from a
traditional massage method called Anma.

special touch offers Zen Shiatsu according to the Shizuto Masunaga school. Masunaga extended
the previously known meridian system and combined his studies of western psychology and
Chinese medicine with his Shiatsu knowledge.

Through gentle pressure on the meridians (energy channels), mobilizing, stretching and rotation
of the joints, the "Ki" (energetic expression of our life force) is retuned, distributed and harmonised.

Blockages in energy flow, which manifest themselves as pain, tension or a psychological feeling of
ill ease, will be released through the treatment.

Traditionally, Shiatsu is practised on the floor. For special touch we developed a concept
that allows us to perform Shiatsu sessions in a massage chair.

Shiatsu gives your body space for self-recognition. You will feel how your breathing deepens,
the body relaxes and your thoughts slowly come to rest.

As soon as the "Ki" flows again, you'll feel well-balanced and focused.

Shiatsu makes you happy.







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